Customizable Single-Axis


The Customizable Single-Axis Servo Drive (CSA) is the latest version of the DS2110 Servo Drive with many enhancements.  With consistent high dynamic performance, control accuracy and versatility, it offers easy-to-adapt motion control templates and more fieldbus options including EtherCat, DeviceNet and various high resolution analog interfaces. 


  • Programmable at the factory with your application-specific control algorithms gives you a competitive advantage in performance
  • High-speed interfaces provide a fully digital link for receiving motion commands, providing feedback of status and initializing controller parameters
  • 7 sizes for easy implementation in a range of machines configurations
  • A 16-bit analog to digital sampling and low drift current sensors offer precision control for high performance applications
  • Works seamlessly with Moog Servo Motors and Actuators and provides the ability to operate with a wide range of brushless servomotors

Current Rating Servo Drives from 3-140 A with standard 0-40C and 0-70C operational capability
Size Compact size. Available in 7 frame sizes from the uA to the size F
Communication Protocols High-speed communication via field bus connection to a wide range of control systems (including EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Hi Resolution Analog, Ethenet IP, among others)
Feedback Devices Support for various feedback devices to ensures precise positioning capability extending from simple incremental encoders to resolvers to sin/cos single turn and multi turn encoders
Customization Capability Built in support for Simulink models allowing easy development and deployment of customized control loops
Software Tailored software packages with motion control functionality for every application