Programmable Servo Drive with Integrated Safety Functionality


Product Description: Programmable Servo Drives that offer approved safety functions per EN 61800-5-2 and Safety PLC functions. Configuration, programming and validation is performed with the Moog Servo Drive Software with Safety PLC Functions. This is a module of both the Programmable Single-Axis Servo Drive and Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive System.


  • Distributed safe I/O handling across up to 6 Servo Drives via the safe cross communication (SCC) channel
  • Offers handling of mulitple safe inputs and outputs (e.g., emergency stop, mode selectors, light curtains) 
  • Intuititive visual approach to programming safety applictions with a functional block diagram language similar to IEC 61131-3 
  • Available in sizes 1 to 4 and in configurations from 4 to 32 amps


  • Eliminates the need for external safety PLC's and the associated complexity
  • Save costs and installation effort due to reduced system complexity and component count
  • Easy to select pre-programmed modules for all commonly used sensors and safety functions (SLS, SLI, etc.)
  • Retrofit friendly with same footprint, allowing easy machine upgrade 
Safety Digital Inputs/Outputs 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs
Safety Functions STO, SS1, SS2, SLS, SLS Max, SDI, SOS, SCA, SLI, SBC
Safety Hardware Digital inputs (4), Digital outputs (4), Brakes (2)
Supported Safety Feedback Devices Sincos, SSI, TTL, HTL, Resolver
System Certification PL E / SIL 3 Capable
Servo Drive Software with Safety PLC Functions Configuration, programming, validation

News Release

New Programmable Servo Drives from Moog with Integrated Safety Functionality

Moog’s family of programmable single- and multi-axis modular servo drives has been extended to include optional safety functions compliant with the EN 61800-5-2 safety standard.

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