BDP-Q2-50-10 Silencer® Series Drive Electronics


BDP-Q2-50-10 Drive Electronics

Silencer® brushless controllers are available in a variety of voltage and current ratings. Their compact packaging minimizes space demands. All controllers have generous terminal blocks to facilitate ease of wiring.

Silencer drives are compatible with Silencer Series Brushless DC Motors. Silencer motors are available in sizes 12, 17, 23, 28, 34 and 42 in standard frames with 1.2 to 4.15 inch diameters. They offer speeds up to 20,000 rpm and continuous torques ranging from 1.2 to 519 oz-in. Standard options include gearheads, resolvers and encoders.

For more information about how Moog's Silencer series drive electronics can be tailored to fit your specific application, contact our applications engineers.


  • 2-quadrant speed controllers for electronically commutating three-phase brushless motors with Hall sensors, which are arranged offset at 120 electrical degrees
  • Speed of the motor is preset by means of either an internal or an external potentiometer
  • Maximum constant current can be adjusted via an on-board potentiometer
  • Direction of rotation of the motor can be preset by means of the direction control input. The controller output stage can be activated
    and deactivated by means of the disable control input.
  • Controller is safeguarded against heat overload by means of an internal thermal cutoff
  • Controller output stage has been constructed using POWER-MOSFET technology, resulting in very high efficiency


  • Compact packaging minimizes space demands
  • Matched drives and motors from a single supplier
  • Complete system testing provides high reliability
  • Terminal block connections for ease of wiring
  • Multiple methods of speed control
    • Input voltage
    • Internal potentiometer
    • External potentiometer
    • External voltage reference

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Typical Applications

Control of Brushless Motors for:

  • Medical pumps and blowers
  • Air-handling equipment
  • Packaging and printing products
  • Semiconductor for handling and insertion machines
  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Office automation and equipment