Decentralized Servo Drive (DR2020) 

The DR2020 is a drive suitable for applications with electronics distributed on the machine, that can be integrated into a multi-axis configuration.

Thanks to the IP67 protection grade, the DR2020 does not require an electrical cabinet to be installed, but can be positioned directly on the machinery with a consequent streamlining of wire configurations and space savings in the control cabinets. This also thanks to the use of a single connector for power and signal.


  • Possibility to remotely equip sections of the machine reducing connections
  • Reduced unit dimensions and number of components needed
  • Use of a single AC / DC power supply for the entire system
  • Significant lowering of costs due to reduced wiring
  • Possibility to control additional axes (optional) from "base" machines



Control functions Torque, speed, position
Protection rating  IP 67
Command protocols EtherCAT, CANopen (according to CIA 402)
PWM frequency 4-8-16 kHz
Power Supply Range 282 - 810 Vdc
Environmental operating temperature From 0°C to 40°C
Auxiliary power supply tension 24 Vdc
Rated current 2 - 12 Arms
Peak current 4 - 22 Arms
Machine safety STO (Safe Torque Off) SILCL 3 PL e 
SBC (Safe Brake Control) SILCL 3 PL e (**) 
Motor overheating protection HW e SW
Analog input Option (*)
Analog output Option (*)
Digital input  Option (*)
Digital output Option (*)
Encoder and analog command simulation Option (*)
Set-up communication interface EtherCAT, CAN
Certification  CE, UL (**)

*All options must be defined at the order
** Pending approval