728 Series Servo Valves

Direct-Operated Flow Control for Analog Signals

  • 2-stage flow control Mechanical Feedback Valve
  • Nozzle flapper pilot stage for high dynamics, high resolution and low hysteresis
  • "Simulator" spool cut minimizes pressure change and "bump" through the zero flow null position
  • High spool driving forces, rugged design ensures long-life operation
  • Optional integrated abort manifold/end cap to control motion of actuator to home position in the event of an abort signal
  • Optional asymmetric flow ratios matched to actuator cylinder requirements
Hydraulic Data  
Rated Flow*
225 to 300  l/min (60 to 78 gpm)
Standard Configurations 225, 300 l/min
(60, 78 gpm)
Max. Operating Pressure 210 bar
(3,000 psi)
Performance Data  
100% Step Response** 60 ms
Frequency Response*** 35 to 45 Hz
Electrical Data  
Rated Signal**** 20 to 60 mA
Standard Configurations 20, 40, 60 mA
Physical Data  
(Mounting Pattern)
Moog Standard
Weight 20.4 kg (45 lbs)
Additional Options Contact Industrial Application Engineering for additional Flow, Pressure and other options

* @ ∆p 70 bar (1,000 psi)
** Response at 3,000 psi System Pressure
*** at 90° Phase Lag
**** Single Coil