G122-826-001 Mobile P-I Servo Amplifier


The G122-826-001 is a general purpose, user configurable P-I Servoamplifier with a power supply input filter. It is specially designed with robust protection against harsh automotive power supply environments. Selector switches inside the amplifer enable proportional control, integral control, or both to be selected. Front panel trimpots, LED indicators, and test points allow easy setup, convenient troubleshooting, and flexibility for many applications.


  • P, I, or P&I control
  • Automotive supply protection
  • Frequency to voltage converter for velocity feedback
  • Optional non-linear block, dual gain amp & feedback D term
  • Step push button for optimizing
  • Equally suitable for industrial applications requiring the use of features such as F-V conversion
  • User-friendly front panel with LED's and test points.
  • CE marked

Input/s Scaled to 100V max with 55ms lag optional

Plug-in resistor, 100K Ohms, +/-10V

Fixed 100K Ohms +/-10V
Output/s Switch selectable voltage or current, single ended output with return to ground. 

V = +/-10V, minimum load 200 Ohms. 

I = +/-5, 10, 20, 30mA with a max of +/- 50mA output current 
Physical Data
Size (Mounting Pattern)

100W x 108H x 45D
DIN Rail mounted IP20
Weight 240g
Additional Options Dither: 200 Hz fixed
Frequency: 0 to +/-10% valve drive
Switch Selectable on/off 

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