G122-828 Velocity and Pressure Controller

The Moog G122-828 VP Controller, combined with a Moog servo valve, a position or velocity transducer and a pressure transducer, provides closed loop control of the injection cycle of a plastic injection molding machine. 

Together, the critical injection speed and pressures are controlled to ensure precise repeatability of the mold fill. This provides consistent and high quality machine output.


  • Hold pressure during setting
  • Back pressure during plasticising
  • Higher quality parts
  • Set once, no further adjustments needed
  • Low cost
  • Improved yield
  • Moog quality and reliability
Input/s Logic inputs include: Inject, hold pressure and retract

On @ 10V,  Off @ 5V,  Max 28V

5.1mA @ 24V
Output/s S-act+ 0 to +10V
S-act- 0 to -10V
P-act 0 to +10V

V-act 0 to +10V 

2mA max, short circuit and over-voltage protected. 
Physical Data
Size (Mounting Pattern)

85W x 108H x 90L
DIN Rail: DIN rail to EN50002 Housing IP40
Weight 316g
Additional Options Valve Output: 0 to +/-10V @ +/-2mA max