G122-829A P-I Servo Amplifier

The G122-829A P-I Servoamplifier is used in closed loop applications where a proportional and/or integral amplifier is needed. Selector switches inside the amplifier enable proportional, integral or both to be selected. It accepts three input signals, one single ended and two differential. These are summed to produce an error signal which is then amplified proportionally and also integrated. The proportional and integral signals are switched together and output as a current or voltage to drive a servovalve.


  • P, I or P&I control
  • Selectable valve drive signals
  • User friendly front panel with LEDs and test points
  • Step push button for tuning
  • Optional feedback derivative term
  • "In position" output
  • Enable input
  • CE marked
Input/s Scaled to 95V max with switch selectable lag of 55mS.

Differential 4-20mA

Switch selectable voltage, current or 4-20mA, single ended output, return to ground

V = ±10V, minimum load = 200 Ohm

 I = ±5, 10, 20, 30, 50mA to a maximum of ±100mA 
Physical Data
Size (Mounting Pattern)

100W x 108H x 45D
DIN Rail mounted IP20
Weight 180g
Additional Options Dither: 200Hz fixed frequency
±10% valve drive
Switch selectable on/off 

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