G122-829A P-I Servoamplifier

Compact DIN Rail Housing

The G122-829A P-I Servoamplifier is used in closed loop applications where a proportional and/or integral amplifier is needed. Selector switches inside the amplifier enable proportional, integral or both to be selected. Many aspects of the amplifier’s characteristics can be selected with internal switches. This enables one amplifier to be used in many different applications. The configuration options provided are the result of many years of experience in designing and commissioning closed loop systems.

The G122-829A-001 is a form, fit and function replacement for the G122-829-001 version. It adds a second differential input, 4-20 mA output and the ability to adjust the gain of three stage valve loop closure.


  • P, I or P&I control
  • User friendly front panel with LEDs and test points
  • One single ended input, scalable
  • Two differential inputs
  • Feedback transducer excitation output
  • Optional feedback derivative term
  • "In position" output
  • Dither
  • Enable input
  • Compact DIN rail housing
  • CE marked

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