G123-818 Signal Conditioner


The G123-818 Signal Conditioner is a complete transducer signal conditioning module. It is typically used in conjunction with a load cell but may also be used with other low level output tranducers. A stable, constant-voltage source provides transducer excitation. A precision instrumentation amplifier and filter combination provides an accurate, conditioned ±10 V output and a 4-20mA current output. The 4-20mA output can be selected as unipolar or bipolar.

The Signal Conditioner can also be used as a stand-alone amplifier for static and dynamic measurement, outputting a scaled ± DC voltage or current. The Signal Conditioner is housed in a compact DIN rail enclosure and requires a +24 V supply.


  • Flexible internal dip switch configuration options
  • Output polarity and zero balance LED
  • Front panel adjustment of zero and span
  • Front panel shunt calibration switch
  • Frequency selectable low pass filter
  • Stable and accurate industrial electronics
  • Compact DIN Rail Housing
  • CE marked

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