G123-820 Setpoint and Ramp


The G123-820 is a command signal generator that produces a sequence of ramped commands suitable for use as an input signal to a Servo-Proportional Valve, for open loop control of a hydraulic cylinder or motor. Other applications include the provision of pre-set values for a closed-loop control system. User supplied logic inputs select the four front panel set points, output polarity and ramp off. This product requires a 24V DC supply.


  • Four set points
  • Four ramp times
  • Auto sensing of appropriate ramp time setting
  • Control of output polarity
  • Output deadband
  • Output zero trim
  • Test points to measure set points and ramp rates
  • CE marked
Input/s On @ 10V
Off @ 5V

Max 28V @ 5.1mA @ 24V

Set points 1 to 4 signals:                       
Ramp off, Mode I and  II
Output/s 0 to ±10V @ ±10mA max
0 to +10V, mode I
0 to –10V, mode II
0 to ±10V, mode I and II together
Physical Data
Size (Mounting Pattern)
90W x 75D x 107.5H
DIN rail to EN50002
Terminal block IP20
Weight 257g
Additional Options N/A

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