G123-825 Buffer Amplifier


The Moog Buffer Amplifier is a DIN Rail mount module that interfaces between standard PLC analog input and output modules or a mechanical feedback valve signal on the input side and a Moog servo/proportional valve on the output. It simplifies the use of a PLC in closing position loops or enables an existing MFB servoamplifier signal to be converted to an EFB signal. The Buffer Amplifier solves the common problem of the input signal being incompatible with the valve drive requirements.


  • Compact, DIN rail mounting
  • Outputs to suit most Moog valves
  • Valve and OV test points
  • Vv and lv LED valve drive indicators
  • Switch selectable voltage or current input
  • Switch selectable voltage or current output
  • Switch selectable valve drive filter
  • CE marked

Input/s 4 to 20 mA
0 to ±100 mA
0 to ±10 V
Output/s 0 to ±10 V @ 1 k Ohm min load
4 to 20 mA @ 500 Ohm max load
0 to ±100 mA max  load  
Physical Data
Size (Mounting Pattern)
100W x 108H x 22.5D
Din rail mounted IP20
Weight 120g
Additional Options N/A

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