G128-809A Power Supply


The G128-809A Power Supply provides a regulated 24VDC output from an AC or DC input supply. It is suitable for powering devices with a combined continuous current of up to 2.9A. This Power Supply uses a high reliability and efficient switching regulator design and is housed in a compact DIN rail mounting enclosure. It can be applied to provide power to control systems with Moog's Direct Drive Valves (D633,D634 series). The G128-809A can operate at higher output currents subject to voltage, duty cycle, and ambient temperatures (see Application Notes).


  • Wide range of AC or DC input
  • Regulated +24 VDC, low ripple output
  • Idle and short circuit protected
  • Isolation from input supply [G128-809 @ 4 kV]
  • High efficiency, >80%
  • High reliability, 500,000 MTBF
  • Parallel connection for redundant operation
  • CE marked
Input/s 100 to 240VAC @ 45 to 65Hz
90 to 350VDC 
Output/s 24VDC fixed -0% to +3%
2.9A max @ Tamb </ 40°C
2A max @ Tamb </ 60°C   
Physical Data
Size (Mounting Pattern)
100W x 108H x 45D
Din Rail mounted IP20
Weight 250g
Additional Options N/A


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