Mounting Manifolds


Various mountings manifolds are available for standard industrial valves, including base and adapter types for mounting and flushing requirements. Other hardware such as bolts and connectors are also available.

The specific accessories you may need for a particular model are listed in the relevant product catalogs and can be ordered through your local office.

Adjustable metering orifice (AMO) manifolds

  • May be used to add hydraulic damping for improved dynamic performance in a servosystem
  • The bypass orifice is incorporated into a manifold between the servovalve and the motion device
  • Can be adjusted to set the optimum performance after final installation

Base mounting manifolds

  • Straight thread or NPT port connections for hydraulic lines
  • Some models available in aluminum or steel
  • Five port configurations for separate pilot supply requirements

Crossport relief valve (CRV) and dual port relief valve (DRV) manifolds

  • Available for limiting high-pressure situations caused by rapid acceleration or deceleration of an inertial load
  • CRV’s relieve one control port to the other
  • DRV’s relieve either control port to tank

Flushing blocks

  • Mount in place of the valve when filtering hydraulic fluid prior to use in the system
  • Helps eliminate the possibility of servovalve contamination new system flushing or fluid replacement operations

Safety auxiliary manifolds

  • When start-up or safety requirements make it necessary to isolate the servovalve from the motion device, the sandwich manifold can be triggered electrically or hydraulically
  • Safety manifolds can be configured to lock-up, float, or move an actuator to a desired fail-safe position

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