G040-123 Valve Checker

The G040-123 Valve Checker is an instrument which provides field checking of the complete range of Moog Electrical Feedback (EFB) flow control valves, both proportional and servo.

It is connected "in-line" between the plant electronics and the valve so checking of the valve is made without removing it from the plant, so that hydraulic and electronic problems can be isolated. The checker operates in two modes "Checker" and "Plant". 


  • Provides testing hydraulics independent of electronics
  • Field checks most Moog Electrical Feedback (EFB) valves
  • In-line operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Build-in LED spool read-out
  • Fixed cables and connectors
  • Models available for specific connector/supply combinations
  • Test points to monitor command and spool signals
  • Standardized 10V representation of command and spool, regardless of the actual signal type
  • CE marked and EN 60204-1 compliant



  • Assists in the commissioning and testing of Moog Electrical Feedback (EFB) servo valves, servo-proportional valves and direct drive valves
  • Rapid problem identification
  • Minimizes machine downtime