G040-124-002 Direct Drive Valve (DDV) Tester

The Moog G040-124-002 Direct Drive Valve (DDV) Tester tests a DDV, without the need for electrical power or hydraulic supply. Internal rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for external electrical power by powering the Tester as well as the valve.

Testing is simple and straightforward. Plug the Tester’s connector into the valve, rotate the command potentiometer and observe the spool LED display following the command. A hydraulic supply is not necessary because the force to position the spool is generated electrically by the valve’s linear force motor.

A measurement of the valve’s operation can be made with a digital multimeter on the command and spool test points.


  • Fully tests a Moog Direct Drive Valve
  • All command signals accomodated
  • LED display of spool position
  • Normalized ± 10V command
  • Spool, valve pin, and valve supply current test points
  • Internal rechargeable batteries power the valve and tester


  • Assists in the commissioning and testing of the Moog Direct Drive Valves
  • Rapid problem identification
  • Minimizes machine downtime
  • Independent battery power and control for the Direct Drive Valve

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