G040-125 Portable pQ Valve Checker

The Moog Valve Checker is a portable test instrument intended for checking of the complete range of Moog’s Servo-Proportional and Servovalves in the field.

It is connected “in line” between the plant electronics and the valve, thereby allowing checking of the valve without removing it from the plant. This helps isolate hydraulic and electronic problems more effectively. The checker operates in two modes: “Checker” (stand alone) and “Plant” (in line).


  • Capable of testing all Moog Electrical Feedback (EFB) and Mechanical Feedback (MFB) Servovalves and Servo-Proportional Valves
  • Hydraulic testing independent of electronics
  • Built-in LED spool/pressure meters
  • Configured by a plug in key
  • Test points on all valve connector pins
  • Powers both 24 V and ±15 V valves from external 24 V supply
  • CE-Mark


  • In-line operation allows for better troubleshooting
  • Only one tester is required for both Electrical Feedback (EFB) and Mechanical Feedback (MFB) Valve monitoring, saving cost and time
  • Lightweight and portable for easy use