MD6038 / MD6043


A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power and / or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. A slip ring is also called a rotary electrical interface, commutator, collector, swivel or a rotary joint.

Sometimes a self contained “capsule” is not practical due to size constraints or cost limitations, and a “separate” is the solution. The term separate indicates an individual rotor / brush block combination. If a separate rotor / stator approach is best for your application, consider our MD series.

The MD series slip ring separate has 6 circuits and features a 3/8” unobstructed bore through the center that provides routing space for hydraulics, pneumatics, or for a concentric shaft mount.

For more information about how Moog's slip ring separates can fit your specific application, contact our slip ring experts.


  • 6 circuits
  • 3/8 inch unobstructed bore. Other bore sizes also available.
  • Gold-on-gold contacts. Provides enhanced conductivity and low noise.
  • Excellent signal handling performance. Noise as low as 15 milliohms per circuit pair can be achieved at 60-100 rpm.


  • Improved system performance. Slip rings can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints.
  • Long Life. We use gold on gold contacts to extend unit life to exceed or meet the requirements for most commercial / industrial requirements.
Ring O.D. .550 inch (13,9 mm)
Ring-to-Ring Pitch .060 inch (1,52 mm)
Bore .376 inch (9,55 mm)
Volts 240 VDC
Current Rating 2 amps / ckt
Ring Groove Geometry V-Groove with Raised Barriers

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Typical Applications

  • Aircraft cockpit instruments
  • Sputtering machines for the manufacture of integrated circuits
  • Custom machinery
  • OEM machinery
  • Power tools