WP6808 Wind Turbine Slip Ring

The WP6808 wind turbine slip ring provides multiple signal and low power options combined with high power circuits required for electric blade pitch actuation. A fiber optic rotary joint can also be integrated into this design. The fiber brush design utilized in the WP6808 allows high current circuits, as well as signal currents to be combined in the same assembly using identical precious metal contact material. The low wear debris generation feature of the fiber brush design prevents the common problem of shorting and arcing of high power circuits using graphite brushes.

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  • Connectorization options on both rotor and stator


  • Custom mounting provisions
  • Integrated FORJ or speed/position feedback device
WP6808 Specifications
Signal Circuits 18 - 72, 10 Amps each continuous
Power Circuits 20, 50, 100, 200, 300 Amp RMS continuous @ 600 V
Sealing IP65 enclosure (Alternate IP rating available)