In addition to flight hardware, Moog can provide a wide variety of Ground Support Equipment (GSE), designed and tested against specific program requirements.

Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE)

Moog designs and fabricates MGSE for a wide variety of applications from simple handling fixtures to very complicated high precision calibration equipment for large optical assemblies. Moog designs and fabricates specialized MGSE for propellant loading including storable propellants (Hydrazine, MMH, NTO) and other fluids such as Xenon for Electric Propulsion systems for use at launch sites. Moog has provided other propulsion MGSE such as pressure carts and leakage testing equipment. Moog can be subcontracted to provide support during Integration and Test (I&T) campaigns including Launch Operations.

Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)

Moog designs and fabricates EGSE to test, checkout, and operate flight hardware during ground testing. Moog EGSE can include Engineering Models of flight hardware for actual hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. Moog can provide versions of the same EGSE used during flight hardware acceptance testing to minimize the cost and time associated with the “learning curve” by the end customer. Moog experience includes missions and systems engineering simulation using Moog’s own Orion Multi-Model System (Orion/MMS®).Orion/MMS® provides the toolset to rapidly develop real-time, embedded controllers and dynamic system modes targeted to the VME platform. Moog has provided Mission Operations and Command & Control System EGSE and software. Moog uses industry standard software such as Matlab®, Simulink®, and LabVIEW™ in addition to custom software as required.

Missions: GOCE, SmallGEO (SGEO), ORBCOMM Generation 2 (OG2), XSS-10, XSS-11, TacSat-3, LADEE

Xenon Loading Cart

The Xenon Loading Cart (XLC) is used for filling electrical propulsion system storage tanks in which loading accuracy and low-ppb level of impurities allowed in the loaded xenon are of the utmost importance.

An XLC consists of a mass balance unit, a pressurization unit and a loading unit. Because of the unorthodox behavior of xenon occurring during the loading of xenon into e.g. the GOCE spacecraft, a high-accuracy mass flow controller has been developed and installed in the loading unit, which allows a fully controlled and fully automated loading of the spacecraft propellant tank. The flow control is adjustable to a fixed value, allowing the operator to analyze, predict, and avoid any thermal issues in advance, precluding loading aborts.

Missions: GOCE

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