Turret Test Systems

The Moog Turret Test System is based on a high performance 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) electric motion system with powerful test software to simulate test tracks and test performance of the turret stabilizer. On the top platform of the Turret Tester, the user can install an actual turret or a remote weapon station. It can handle a wide range of payloads up to 24,000 kg (53,000 lb) and meet specific requirements related to particular excursions, velocities or accelerations. The Moog Replication software module has been developed to accurately simulate vehicle movements as recorded on the test track.


  • Develop and test in laboratory instead of on a remote test track
  • Speed up your development process
  • Conduct more cost-effective testing
  • Accurate playback of the target file (RMS error typically
  • 100% motion repeatability
  • User friendly (2-3 day training)

Moog is an industry expert in vehicle platform integration and design. Our expertise in vetronics, mechanics, design and integration makes us an ideal partner in new vehicle platform design and manufacture as well as vehicle upgrade and retrofits.

To improve your approach to every turret test, discover how Moog's proven expertise combined with the world-class performance of our Electric Motion SystemsTest SoftwareSimulations TablesTest Controllers and Test Actuators can improve your competitiveness by helping you find new and better ways of performing.

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Tank Turret Test System


Naval Turret Test System at Nexter booth