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PCI Express Video Tracker Simulator

The Model 7410 PCI Express Video Tracker Simulator (VTS) is the latest product in E-O Imaging's continued commitment to product innovation and improvement. The Model 7410 is designed to provide the simulation and training community a flexible tool for simulating video tracker functions for a variety of training simulators including aviation (manned and unmanned flight simulators) and ground (weapon system simulators and operator performance assessment) systems.

The Model 7410 allows the user to configure the tracker simulator to emulate the characteristics of various video tracker components to match the mission scenario generated by the host computer system. The tracker simulator can be programmed to emulate configurations ranging from simple edge/centroid algorithms to more complex correlation and multiple target algorithms. In addition to the primary target gate, two additional gates are optionally available to track secondary targets. The VTS incorporates a standard DVI-D video input to accept video produced by the host computer or an external image/scene generator. The DVI-D video output allows the developer to monitor the operation and behavior of the tracker simulator.

The Model 7410 Video Tracker Simulator is designed with inherent flexibility to meet the needs of advanced-technology trainers and incorporates expansion capability to support the next generation training simulators.

The VTS is available with a single (Model 7410), dual (Model 7411) or triple (Model 7412) target capability.

Standard Features:

  • Algorithm Processing
    • Selectable Edge, Mass and Intensity Centroid, Vector† and Correlation Modes
    • Multi-Target Detection, Acquisition and Track
    • Robust Intrusion Detection, Coast and Target Recovery
  • Control Interfaces
    • PCI Express Interface
    • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
    • RS-232/422 Serial Communication Ports (4)
  • Video Interfaces
    • DVI-D Video Input (1) and Output (1)
    • Resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
  • Standalone Operation
    • Single Voltage DC Power Supply
    • Ethernet and Serial Control
    • Standard 19" Rackmount Package Available
  • Integration
    • Complete SDK with Device Drivers and Sample Code
    • Integrated Target Generator and Simulator
    • User-Controlled Text Annotation and Graphics

Available Options

Remote Control Unit

Non-standard Video Formats

Custom and Rack Mount Packaging

Custom Symbology and Annotation

Custom Algorithms

Trajectory Simulation Capability

Operator Training Capability

Video Over Ethernet

Image Stabilization

Image Fusion (IR and Visible)

Image Processor

   - Target Enhancement / Detection

   - User-definable Filter

   - Stored Filters