Model 8200

Standalone Miniature Automatic Video Tracker

The Model 8200 Standalone Miniature Automatic Video Tracker (AVT) represents the latest tracker technology in our continued commitment to product innovation and improvement. The tracker provides the user a system easily adapted to a wide range of targets and tracking environments. The 8000 Series video trackers are designed to meet the small form factor, low power and reduced cost of surveillance and UAV markets while retaining the performance demanded of all our video tracker products. The Model 8200 measures just 4.5 by 5.0 inches and operates off a single unregulated DC voltage. The board accepts both analog video and 3G-SDI digital video. The 3G-SDI digital video interface supports all standard and high definition resolutions up to 1080p60 (SMPTE 259M/344M/292M/424M). With gigabit Ethernet and multiple serial interfaces, the Model 8200 can control a pan/tilt, visible and IR cameras/lenses and a laser rangefinder.

The Model 8200's standard features and options permit easy adaptation to even the most complex and demanding tactical, surveillance and industrial applications. The system is structured with an open architecture allowing easy incorporation of specialized features and algorithms.

Optionally, the Model 8201 tracker provides the same performance with a dual target capability.

Standard Features:

  • Algorithm Processing
    • Selectable Edge, Mass and Intensity Centroid, Vector† and Correlation Modes
    • Multi-Target Detection, Acquisition and Track
    • Robust Intrusion Detection, Coast and Target Recovery
  • Control Interfaces
    • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
    • RS-232/422 Serial Communication Ports (4)
  • Video Interfaces
    • Analog Video Input (1) and Output (1)
    • 3G-SDI Digital Video Input (1) and Output (1)
  • Analog Track Error Outputs
  • Integration
    • Advanced Motion Compensation Filter
    • Serial Control of Many 3rd Party Pan/Tilt and Servo Controllers
    • Zoom Lens Scaling and Correction
    • Serial Control of Camera/Lens Systems and Many 3rd Party Lenses
    • Serial Control of 3rd Party Laser Rangefinders
    • Interface to Remote Controllers
    • Integrated Target Generator and Simulator
  • User Text Annotation and Graphics

Available Options

Remote Control Unit

Non-standard Video Formats

Custom and Rack Mount Packaging

Custom Symbology and Annotation

Custom Algorithms

Trajectory Simulation Capability

Operator Training Capability

Video Over Ethernet

Image Stabilization

Image Fusion (IR and Visible)

Image Processor

   - Target Enhancement / Detection

   - User-definable Filter

   - Stored Filters