Mobile Tracking Systems

Precision Real-Time Multi-Spectral Tracking

We offer a variety of mobile tracking systems customized to meet your needs. At the core of every tracking system is our advanced real-time video tracker which controls all elements of the system including cameras, lenses, positioner, laser rangefinder and other integrated devices. This provides the user with a single point of control and a unified interface to the entire system. Customized configurations are offered supporting payload weights from 200 to 2000 pounds.

Standard Features:

  • Complete Trailer Mounted Tracking System
  • Motorized Payload Platform
    • Gear or Direct Drive
    • Cable Wrap or Slip Ring (for continuous azimuth rotation)
    • Customized Connector Panels (RF, high current, liquid nitrogen, etc..)
    • Customized Payload Structure
  • Manual or Automatic Operation
    • Joystick (Analog/Digital, Controller or USB)
    • Video Tracking
    • Cue and Track External Data (radar, IFF, etc...)
  • Single and Multiple Sensor Configurations
    • Camera and Lens Control (visible and IR)
    • Zoom Lens Scaling and Correction
    • Laser Rangefinder Control
  • Complete Real-Time System
    • Single Point of Control
    • Ethernet, Serial and Bus Level Communications
    • Documented Interface Protocol (SDK, API, Sample Code and Drivers)
  • Graphical User Interface
    • Complete System Control
    • Data Logging
    • High Level TCP Interface
  • Programmable Scan Modes
  • Automated Target Acquisition and Track


  • 200 to 2000 Pound Payload Capacity
  • GPS and/or IRIG Time
  • RF or Fiber Data Links

Typical Applications

Weapon System Director

Real-Time Missile and Aircraft Tracking


Target Signature Analysis

Simulator Systems

Laser System Alignment

ECM Evaluation

Spatial Measurement of Objects

Bomb and Weapons Scoring

Weapon System Evaluation

Re-entry Vehicle and Satellite Tracking

Automated Calibration of Tracking Systems

Trajectory Analysis

Overview Video