Flexible Missile Platform


The Flexible Missile Platform is missile agnostic, mission agnostic, and platform agnostic. FMP allows users to fire the missile(s) of their choice from the vehicle (or trailer) of their choice.

FMP is a combination of Moog’s high-performance stores management technology and world-renowned expertise in military motion control and stabilisation. Missiles previously only launchable from helicopters may now be fired from ground vehicles with missile combinations able to suit any mission need from any platform.

Product Options

  • Stabilisation system for shoot on the move capability
  • Multi-channel rotary joint for high speed data transfer
  • Low inertia mechanical structures
  • Covers for ingress protection

Product Features

  • Hinged reloading mechanism for safe and rapid missile replenishment
  • Customer designates missile type and quantity
  • Suitable for land vehicles, trailers and surface ships

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