Moog provides components and subsystems for cold gas, chemical, and electric propulsion and designs, develops, and manufactures complete chemical propulsion systems, including tanks, to accelerate the spacecraft for orbit-insertion, station keeping, or attitude control. Moog makes thrusters from 10mN to 112N to support the small to large spacecraft propulsion requirements. 


Moog cold gas thruster options allow the use of helium, nitrogen, and xenon. The MONARC monopropellant thrusters utilize high purity hydrazine as propellant to achieve high performance over a wide range of thrust classes. Moog offers bipropellant thrusters for use with either MMH/MON3 or Hydrazine/MON propellants, depending on mission requirements. All of these thruster options have long and successful flight heritage.

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Propulsion control valves provide solutions for many spacecraft applications, from attitude control systems (ACS) to orbit insertion to descent systems. Products include flow control valves for chemical propulsion systems, proportional flow control for electric propulsion systems, three-way valves, and flow path selection for spacecraft hydraulic systems.

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Mechanically operated fill and drain valves are offered in high pressure to low pressure. Service valves have triple redundant external leakage seals and are available in stainless steel or titanium with propellant-compatible seals. Moog also offers disconnect service valves with flight half (FH) and ground half couplings (GHC).

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