Moog designs and manufactures spacecraft vibration and shock isolation systems including SoftRide and ShockWave. We design a variety of payload adapters, including many ESPA options and cubesat carriers. Moog provides motion-based solutions for space-simulation testing. We also provide vibration and shock testing services. 


Moog’s SoftRide vibration isolation systems protect whole satellites from the rough ride into orbit; SoftRide also provides shock isolation and reduces transmission of structure-borne acoustic loading. The COTS SoftRide Family product line is specifically sized to be compatible with smaller interfaces and the higher loads of a multi-manifest or small launch vehicle environment.

Our ShockWave product family is the perfect solution for small payload and cubesat launch isolation. Designed to provide high-damping, factory-adjustable isolator stiffness while maintaining a common interface and overall size, ShockWave isolators provide both shock and random vibration load attenuation. 

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The Moog ESPA Ring and other payload adapters can be used for satellites ranging from ESPA-Grande class to CubeSats, and they provide the structural hub for Moog’s family of Orbital Maneuvering Vehicles. Moog can provide the mechanical design, stress analysis and structural test engineering to tailor payload adapters for each customer’s needs, including (but not limited to) modifying the number and size of interface ports, adding mounting pads, and/or modifying the ring height.

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