Space Payload Adapters and Structures

The Moog ESPA Ring and other payload adapters support multiple satellites of different sizes on NSSL class launch vehicles (formerly EELVs, i.e., Falcon 9, Atlas V, Delta IV, OmegA, Vulcan, New Glenn), the Minotaur family of launchers, and the emerging class of small satellite launch vehicles.  Moog adapters can be used for satellites ranging from ESPA-Grande class to CubeSats, and they provide the structural hub for Moog’s family of Orbital Maneuvering Vehicles (OMVs).

Small Satellite Adapters



ESPA, the Evolved Secondary Payload Adapter, was developed for the Air Force to utilize excess launch capacity by mounting additional payloads below the primary spacecraft.  This reduces launch costs for the primary mission and enables secondary and even tertiary satellites with minimal impact to the original mission. 

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CASPAR, the Composite Adapter for Shared Payload Rides, is a Multi-Payload Adapter (MPA) developed by Moog with whole-spacecraft vibration isolation for the Minotaur IV Launch Vehicle.  CASPAR accommodates two 1500-lb (680-kg) satellites, or up to four ESPA-class satellites when used with one or two Flat-Plate Adapters (FPAs).

Flat-Plate Adapter (FPA)


Moog’s Flat-Plate Adapter supported NASA's GRAIL mission on its Delta II launch.  The FPA is compatible with ESPA or CASPAR, and it mounts two or more ESPA-class satellites side by side. FPA is available with Moog’s SoftRide vibration isolation and it can be scaled up or down for larger or smaller spacecraft. FPA's can be used to adapt custom spacecraft designs to standard interfaces including on the ESPA.

Missions: GRAIL, ORBCOMM Generation 2 (OG2)