Vibration Suppression Control

Spacecraft vibration and shock isolation systems including SoftRide, ShockWave, payload adapters including ESPA, CubeSat carriers supported by multi-payload sequencers, electromagnetic actuators, ground test equipment and shock testing services.



ShockWave isolator product family is the perfect solution for small payload and cubesat launch isolation.

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Moog’s SoftRide vibration isolation systems protect whole satellites from the rough ride into orbit. SoftRide also provides some shock isolation and reduces transmission of energy that drives acoustic loading.

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Tuned Mass Dampers and Absorbers

tuned Mass Damper

Tuned mass dampers, or TMDs, are resonant devices used to suppress or absorb vibration. When installed properly on a machine or structure, they draw away vibrational energy from the structure or machine and dissipate it internally, reducing the motion of the machine.

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Vibration Testing

vibration testing

Moog provides end to end vibration test services with a system that is capable of replicating random, swept sine, shock (both classical and SRS) and arbitrary transient waveforms with temperature control and notched drive inputs.

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Shock Testing

shock testing

Moog Engineering provides shock testing services with a test system that is ideally suited for quick turnaround while minimizing over-testing. The system uses high energy mechanical impacts to replicate pyrotechnic events.

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Vibration and Jitter Mitigation

vibration and jitter mitigation

We ensure your mission’s success by reducing vibration and vibration-induced jitter for satellite observation, science, reconnaissance, and communication payloads.

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