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Wuxi XinDeBao Selects Moog’s Test Solution for Automobile Component Testing

8 June 2015

Wuxi XinDeBao has recently completed a successful flex coupling durability test program with a new simulation table specifically designed by Moog to handle smaller payloads of up to 100 kg. The Hydraulic Simulation Table 100 kg, (H-ST-100), is a new addition to Moog Simulation Table solutions, designed to meet XinDeBao’s specifications for the testing of automobile exhaust pipes. It is also capable of performing durability evaluations of other small vehicle components. The Moog Simulation Table is available in electric or hydraulic versions depending on the performance required.

Veritas AG Selects Moog Simulation Table for Testing Fluid Tank Systems

1 June 2015

Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) was selected by Veritas AG, a global leader in the production of fluid systems, molding parts and thermo systems for the automotive industry, to supply the Moog Electric Simulation Table with Tilt. This innovative test system (patent pending) was specially designed for testing the behavior of fluid in in automotive fuel and fluid tank systems, a test application that requires large angular motions.

Moog Displays new Highly Integrated Smart Actuators in Active Compliant Robotic Leg Demo at IEEE Robotics and Automation Conference (ICRA)

21 May 2015

East Aurora, NY, USA – Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) is the leading supplier of high performance controls, and designers throughout the world have been selecting Moog servos for mission critical applications. Moog recently launched a family of highly integrated smart actuators and is working with lead users in the autonomous market space to demonstrate the next generation of high performance control.

Moog Shows Integrated Approach to Motion Control at SPS IPC Drives Italy 2015

12 May 2015

Moog Industrial Group, a leading provider of motion control products, solutions and services, is exhibiting at SPS IPC Drives Italy at Pavilion 2, Stand C014. This annual event for industrial automation will take place on 12-14 May, 2015 in Quartiere Fiere at Parma. This event is a kick off for Moog to celebrate 40 years of operation in Italy and 50 years of operation in Europe.

Moog Reports Second Quarter Earnings

1 May 2015

East Aurora, NY - Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) today announced second quarter net earnings of $32 million and earnings per share of $.80, a 2% decrease from last year. Adjusted EPS of $.96 was up 17%. Total sales of $637 million were also down 2% from a year ago.

Moog Crossbow Introduces New Ultra-Compact MEMS-Based IMU and AHRS for Air, Land or Sea

1 May 2015

San Jose, California, USA – Moog Crossbow, a wholly owned subsidiary of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), recently introduced the ANAV300, an Ultra-Compact MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) for navigation and guidance in civil or military platforms.

Moog Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope

24 April 2015

Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) Space and Defense Group is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) but the story of Hubble begins nearly 50 years ago. Hubble launched in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990 (STS-31) but was conceived of over two decades previous before man had even landed on the Moon and the Space Shuttle even existed. The Large Space Telescope (LST), as it was called initially, was originally slated for launch in 1979 but funding was cut in 1974. Astronomers lobbied for this telescope that would help unlock the mysteries of the universe. In 1978 NASA resumed funding LST with conjunction of the European Space Agency (ESA) making this a truly international effort. The new launch date was planned for 1983 but later slipped to fall of 1986. The Challenger accident in January 1986 stopped Space Shuttle launches leaving the now named Hubble Space Telescope without a launch vehicle. Finally after two years of investigation the Space Shuttles were cleared to resume flight and Hubble got its launch date 11 years after the initially scheduled date. Hubble is the only space telescope designed to be serviced by astronauts and on five different occasions repairs were performed on-orbit. These repairs and upgrades are expected to extend the life of Hubble until 2020 if not longer.

Moog Inc Announces Second Quarter 2015 Earnings Webcast

24 April 2015

East Aurora, NY - Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) will release its second quarter fiscal 2015 earnings for the period ended April 4, 2015 on Friday, May 1, 2015. In conjunction with this release, Moog will host a conference call beginning at 10:00 a.m. ET, which will be simultaneously broadcast live over the Internet. John Scannell, Chairman and CEO, and Don Fishback, CFO, will host the call.

Moog Announces Long Term Support Contract With All Nippon Airways

30 March 2015

East Aurora, NY, USA – Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) signed a 10 year exclusive contract for comprehensive support of the Moog Flight Control Systems and Products on ANA’s fleet of 787 aircraft. The program will include maintenance, spares, pooling and on-site technical support.

Moog Propulsion Systems Manage Orbit for Two More Galileo Full Operational Capability Satellites

28 March 2015

Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) Space and Defense Group will enable the second set of Galileo Full Operational Capability (FOC) Satellites maintain their orbit 23,222 km above Earth. The satellites, Adam and Anastasia (FM3 and FM4, respectively), launched today atop a Soyuz-STB Fregat-MT rocket from Europe's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The satellites, manufactured by OHB System AG in Bremen, Germany, are an integral part of Europe’s program for a global navigation satellite system, providing accurate, guaranteed global positioning service, interoperable with the US GPS and Russian GLONASS systems. The complete satellite system consists of 30 satellites in three planes of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and a ground infrastructure.

Moog Supports Boeing GPS IIF-9 and ULA Delta IV Mission for U.S. Air Force

25 March 2015

Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) Space and Defense Group played a critical role in the successful launch of the Boeing-built GPS IIF-9 satellite atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Medium + 4,2 rocket today. GPS IIF-9 is the ninth of twelve planned Global Positioning System (GPS) Block IIF satellites to support the space-based, worldwide navigation system. The system provides users with highly accurate, three-dimensional position, velocity and timing information 24 hours per day in all weather conditions.

Moog Celebrates 89th Anniversary of Goddard’s Launch of the World’s First Liquid-Fueled Rocket

16 March 2015

Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) Space and Defense Group is celebrating the 89th anniversary of Dr. Robert H. Goddard’s launch of the world’s first liquid-fueled rocket. This pioneering advancement was the first step toward advancing man into the Space Age. Liquid-fueled rockets, either alone or in conjunction with solid propellant rockets, have been used to propel every spacecraft into orbit since Sputnik in 1957 including mankind beginning in 1961. Moog has provided the hardware and engineering expertise to support launches since then. Moog’s Space and Defense Group supports on average two launches every month occurring across three different continents. Moog’s support ranges from servovalves used in Thrust Vector Control (TVC) actuators to the entire TVC system including the actuators, batteries, and control avionics; critical support brackets for main engine applications; valves for upper stage applications that control the super cold cryogenic liquid propellants; and a wide range of valves and actuators used throughout the launch vehicle including the valves and thrusters used for roll and reaction control systems.

NASA MMS Satellites to Study Reconnection Launch on United Launch Alliance Atlas V with Support from Moog

12 March 2015

Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) Space and Defense Group provided propulsion control to four NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale mission (MMS) satellites that launched this evening from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The spacecraft will study how magnetic fields around Earth connect and disconnect, explosively releasing energy via a process known as magnetic reconnection. Findings will enable new understanding of a universal process that is a major driver of space weather events that can affect modern technological systems such as communication networks, GPS navigation, and electrical power grids. All four satellites were carried into space on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

Moog to Present at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Conference on March 17, 2015

11 March 2015

East Aurora, NY, Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) announced today that John Scannell, Chairman and CEO, and Donald Fishback, CFO, will present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Smid Cap Conference on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 2:20 p.m. ET.

Moog Dublin Announces “SoftRide” Technology Transfer Program for Enhanced Spacecraft Protection during Launch

18 February 2015

Moog’s Dublin facility, part of the Moog Inc. Space and Defense Group, announced today the commencement of a European Space Agency (ESA) technology transfer program to protect spacecraft by reducing harsh vibration experienced during launches. The program will make Moog Dublin the European supplier of Moog’s patented SoftRide, a vibration control technology that has already provided launch load alleviation for 34 satellites. Moog Dublin will provide end-to-end engineering support for all phases of SoftRide; from concept development, design, and qualification, to launch support.