Moog, Inc. attains a variety of business related certifications that are appropriate to support the objectives at each site, which may include AS/EN/JISQ 9100, ISO/EN/JIS 9001, ISO 13485, FAA/EASA/CAAC, and/or special process. The achievement of these certifications reflects our commitment to our policy and objectives.

Aircraft Group - East Aurora Operations

Aircraft Group - Milwaukee Operations

Aircraft Group - Webster & West Fargo Operations

Aircraft Group - Moog India Technology Center Pvt. Ltd.

Aircraft Group - Salt Lake City Operations

Aircraft Group - Torrance Operations

Aircraft Group - Wolverhampton Operations

Medical Devices Group - SRL, Costa Rica Operations

Medical Devices Group - UAB Viltechmeda, d/b/a AITECS Operations

Moog CSA Engineering - Mountain View & Albuquerque Operations

Moog Controls Corp - Philippines Branch

Moog Controls Ltd UK - Tewkesbury Industrial Group

Moog Industrial Group - USA, East Aurora, NY

Moog Industrial Group - Halifax, Canada

Moog Industrial Group - Moog Rekofa GmbH , Antweiler, Germany

Moog Industrial Group - Murphy, North Carolina

Moog Industrial Group - Salt Lake City, Utah

Moog Industiral Group - Springfield, Pennsylvania

Moog Industrial Group - Tritech International Ltd., Scotland Operations

Moog in Australia

Moog in Brazil

Moog in China - GaoHang

Moog in China - WGQ - Shanghai

Moog in India - Bangalore

Moog in Ireland - Cork

Moog in Italy - Bergamo, Malnate and Casella

Moog in Italy - Casella

Moog in Japan - Hiratsuka

Moog in Korea

Moog in Luxembourg

Moog in the Netherlands

Moog Protokraft - Tennessee

Moog S3 - Northbrook Operations

Moog Flo-Tork – Orrville Operations

Space & Defence Group - Blacksburg Operations

Space & Defense Group - Chatsworth Operations

Moog, Chatsworth Operations is currently compliant with AS9100D and plans to maintain a compliant status only to the Standard as of 5/29/2019. Moog Chatsworth Operations has chosen not to maintain certification to the Standard.

Space & Defense Group - East Aurora Operations

Space & Defence Group - Galax Operations

Space & Devence Group - Reading (UK) Operations (Moog Reading Limited)

Space & Defense Group - Salt Lake City Operations

Space & Defense Group - Netherlands Operations

Space & Defense Group - Niagara Falls Operations (ISP)