We have designed and manufactured components and systems for satellites and launch vehicles for over sixty years. We continue to make significant investment in propulsion facilities, metal additive manufacturing, avionics and innovative in-space delivery systems.

A proven leader in components, subsystems and systems for the spacecraft market, including Spacecraft Controls, In-Space Propulsion, Spacecraft Payloads and Mission Planning. For over 60 years, we have been successfully providing spacecraft solutions for science, military, and commercial applications. Learn More >

ShockWave Isolators

Our patent pending ShockWave isolator product family is the perfect solution for small payload and CubeSat launch isolation. ShockWave leverages over two decades of spaceflight hardware heritage and packages launch worthy technology into a reliable, predictable system at a price point that is comparable to non-aerospace worthy, elastomeric isolation mounts.

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Moog to Steer NASA SLS Exploration Upper Stage for Boeing

Moog Space and Defense was recently selected to supply its Common Electromechanical Actuation TVC system and its Rocket Engine Modules featuring the MONARC-90 engines to Boeing for the NASA SLS Exploration Upper Stage program...

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Supporting the Premier Commercial and Military Platforms

Embraer Integration Lab

Unparalleled expertise in flight control system design and integration. Primary and secondary flight control systems using hydraulic, mechanical, electromechanical and electrohydrostatic actuators. World-class manufacturing facilities staffed with a skilled, experienced, team-based workforce. 

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Moog Aircraft Group Celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science

In honor of International Women In Science Day, Moog Aircraft Group highlights just a few of the many talented female employees we are proud to have on the Moog team.

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A leading global supplier of motion control and electronic solutions, Moog meets the demands of today’s military operations with components, integrated subsystems and full systems for air land and sea platforms.  Our solutions address the Warfighters’ needs for survivability, maintainability, lethality, and less than lethal applications.  Battle proven and innovative technologies provide new offerings for more efficient systems with lower operations and maintenance costs.

Weapon Stores Management Systems

This proven, lightweight rugged system is an affordable solution to stores management on both rotary and fixed wing platforms. The SMS leverages our extensive experience in system integration, internal software development, weapons and fire control solutions.  Learn More >

Operational Excellence in Missile Steering Production

Moog products are essential to the survival of the warfighter. We continue to evolve technologies for application into missile steering controls, providing affordable, industry leading capabilities such as Fin Control Actuation Systems, Wing Deployment Systems, Guidance and Navigation Control Computers, and Divert and Attitude Control Thruster Valves and Modules.

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U.S. Army Awards Leonardo DRS Contract For Production Of Counter-Drone Capability

Moog’s Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP) is an integral part of the Leonardo DRS C-UAS capability designed to protect soldiers from enemy drones...

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From gas turbines to wind turbines to down-hole drilling installations, facilities need to optimize uptime in 24/7 operations and ensure reliable operation in extreme environments. Find out more about motion control products, solutions and services that help you to reduce the cost of energy.

Wind Turbine Pitch System 3

Moog developed a highly reliable, compact and lightweight new design. Pitch System 3 is based on a high level of integration of functional elements, made possible by pluggable PCB modules. Using fewer components results in a decreased probability of failure/wiring errors and better control of manufacturing quality.

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New pitch control system improves turbine reliability up to 3 times over existing systems

The new pitch system was developed to meet the growing need for wind farm operators and turbine manufacturers to reduce wind farm capital and operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX).

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Industrial Machinery

Manufacturers of industrial machinery seek to achieve higher productivity, premium-quality products, and maximum energy efficiency, all at less cost. Find out more how we can collaborate with you to differentiate your next generation machine with our high performance motion control products, solutions and services.

Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit

‎The Moog EPU is at the heart of electrohydrostatic actuation and combines the advantages of both hydraulic and electro-mechanical actuation technologies in a self-contained product, delivering a high degree of energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness. Best of all the EPU eliminates the fixed cost of the hydraulic system infrastructure.


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Case Study - Leading Manufacturer Benefits From New Electrohydrostatic Actuation System

A leading manufacturer of ring rolling mills developed with Moog a new Electrohydrostatic Actuation System for its next generation machines. Compared with conventional machines, the modified axes in this machine used up to 40 percent less energy. The new design reduces piping, the quantity of oil and and the machine footprint. Thus,  the customer saves a substantial amount in operation and installation costs.  

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Packaging Machinery

In the world of packaging machinery, flexibility and performance is the goal -- while designing a machine that requires minimum space. Decreasing downtime is also critical to increasing productivity and delivery. As packaging machines become more complex and interconnected, there is a need for both standard and custom motion control solutions on the various axes of the machine.


Packaging equipment requires high performance solutions for transferring power and data across rotating interfaces. Moog offers slip rings that have been developed for Ethernet data communication networks. Models are available in capsule and through-bore configurations and multiple Ethernet, power and signal combinations.

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Ethernet and High Definition Slip Ring Solutions

Moog’s Ethernet slip ring solutions have been developed to provide reliable products to allow transfer of the Ethernet protocol through a rotating interface. The innovative designs meet the challenge of matching impedance, controlling crosstalk and managing losses.

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When Ethernet Rotates: Ethernet and Slip Rings White Paper

Download our white paper to learn about the issues present when a rotary connection is inserted into the 100BaseT transmission line.

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Test and Simulation

Test facilities seek to react faster to market changes, launch new designs faster, and achieve efficient operations, while ensuring the highest safety. Simulation customers seek to attain higher levels of fidelity, maximize availability and ensure flexibility. Find out more about our high performance motion control products, solutions and services and how we can collaborate with you to take your ideas to the next level.

Electric Simulation Table with Tilt

The patented 8-DOF (degrees of freedom) Moog test system is comprised of a 6-DOF Electric Simulation Table with an innovative extra 2-DOF tilt table on top for large angular pitch and roll motions up to 30 degrees. The total pitch and roll angles of the test system exceed 50 degrees.

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Advanced Simulation Tables Open New Roads to Faster, More Cost-Effective Automotive Design

This article explores four case studies where automotive suppliers are successfully using simulation tables. It provides insights on how these companies selected the right technology (hydraulic or electric simulation tables) and customized its operation to meet unique technical requirements and business objectives.

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