Brushless Motors & Servomotors Overview

Moog offers a comprehensive selection of high performance brushless motors & servomotors used in a wide variety of applications, including medical, office automation, packaging, industrial, aerospace and defense. 

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Integrated Motors

integrated brushless motors

Moog has expanded its motion solutions by adding a line of highly programmable integrated motors.

Moog Animatics
provides leading edge technology that integrates a motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, RS232/RS485 communications and IOs. The SmartMotor now features optional Combitronic technology.

Custom Motors

custom brushless motors

Moog has expanded its motion solutions by adding a line of high performance brushless custom motors.

Moog Aspen Motion Technologies
solves OEM motion control problems by utilizing its engineering capability to design and manufacture innovative products including  permanent magnet brushless motors, DSP intensive controls and value added components. These custom solutions offer a competitive advantage in both features and costs for a wide range of applications and markets.

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Product Spotlight

Moog FastAct H Series Brushless Servomotor

Available in a wide range of sizes with peak torques from 1.8 Nm to 1712 Nm. These high performance modular motors are matched with Moog's compact single and multi-axis drives.

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Moog Animatics

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Moog Aspen Motion Technologies

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