Motors & Servomotors

Select the motion control product that best fits your project requirements from the list below:

Brush Motors

Moog's high performance, fractional horsepower brush DC motors are designed to provide high performance in various power ranges. These motors are utilized in industrial, aerospace and defense applications.

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Brushless Motors

Moog's high performance, fractional horsepower brushless DC motors and servomotors are designed to provide smooth, efficient operation at various speed ranges.  These motors are utilized in industrial, aerospace and defense applications. They can also function as a servomotor in the system. Both direct drive and housed models are available.

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Brushless Servo Motors

For nearly two decades the name Moog has been synonymous with high performance brushless servomotors offering the highest dynamic performance, power density, and reliability. We are committed to offering a range of servo motor products with matched servo drives that are easy to integrate into industrial applications.

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Linear Motors

Moog's linear motors are a high force, direct drive solution that maximizes positional accuracy while minimizing maintenance costs. Designed for industrial applications, these motors are ideal for factory automation, material testing, packaging, pumping, stamping, or tufting.

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In The Australian Outback with the World's Toughest Brushless Servomotors and Drives 

What happens to high-performance brushless servomotors when they're exposed to lightning strikes, traction fault currents and two years of harsh exposure along Australia's railways? The answer may surprise you.

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