Motors & Servo Motors

Moog can provide you with a large variety of motors, suitable for every application. Find the product the best fits your project:

Specialty Defense Motors

The brushless servo motor is intended to be integrated into traverse actuator with a gearbox, brake and manual input/ auxiliary drive assembly.

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Servo Motors - Powers below 70kW

We are committed to offering a range of servo motor products with matched servo drives that are easy to integrate into industrial; applications.

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Brushless DC Motors - Powers below 900W

Moog's high performance, fractional horsepower brushless DC motors and servo motors will provide smoooth, efficient operation at various speed ranges. 

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Brush DC Motors

Moog's high performance, fractional horsepower brush DC motors are designed to provide high performance in a variety of power ranges. 

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Motors with Integrated Drives

Motors with on-board electronics for decentralized machine architectures. 

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Harsh and Hazardous Environments

Legacy Products

Legacy products refer to Moog's end-of-life offerings that are not to be used for new projects.

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Newsletter Article

In The Australian Outback with the World's Toughest Brushless Servomotors and Drives 

What happens to high-performance brushless servomotors when they're exposed to lightning strikes, traction fault currents and two years of harsh exposure along Australia's railways? The answer may surprise you.

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