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About Moog Space and Defense

By leveraging expertise in critical components, Moog Space and Defense provides extraordinary solutions for our Space and Defense customers. Moog provides flexible and responsive products and services that meet customer needs. "Equipping those who defend freedom" through an expansive defense portfolio aligned with U.S. military priorities, and "Revolutionzing the way to space" by supporting the return of humans to the moon, deep space exploration, earth observation, and national security missions. 


Moog is recognized by military forces around the world for its industry-leading solutions, which include turreted weapon systems, counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS), fast ammunition handling, precise missile steering, weapon stores management and quiet undersea actuation.


Moog designs and manufactures components and systems to survive the harsh environments of space travel. The space industry has trusted Moog as a reliable source for solutions that work the first time, every time, since the inception of spaceflight more than 60 years ago.

Power & Data

Moog’s Power and Data Division is an innovative provider of power and data transfer solutions, motion control, and electronic products that are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding technical and environmental requirements of the defense and space markets.

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Moog is a world leader in high-performance motion control solutions for mission-critical applications






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Featured Solutions

Space Vehicles

Space Vehicles

Moog Space Vehicles are designed to launch on VCLV and NSSL-class launch vehicles (Atlas V, Vulcan, Falcon 9).  The range of spacecraft buses can be used as a “smart deployer” for CubeSats, ESPA Class Payloads, and up to 1,000 kg class payloads. They are modular platforms and have their own avionics, power, propulsion, and communications systems that are configurable for short durations up through multiyear missions in a wide range of orbits and transfer capabilities.

RIwP Turret


RIwP is a proven, modular, and scalable remote turret providing unmatched capacity to host multi-domain payloads for current and future ground-combat platforms. This remote weapon platform offers air defense, anti-armor, or multi-mission capabilities via world-class precision medium-caliber and indirect fires.


DB Matrix Torque Motors

Direct Drive DC Torque Motors

Moog's direct drive brushless frameless motors are designed to operate over a range of speeds for a wide variety of military, aerospace and industrial applications. Different applications require unique configurations of mounting flanges, housings, output shafts and electrical requirements. Our motors have high torque-to-power and torque-to-inertia ratios, high linearity and low electrical time constants.

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