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The journey from Earth to space typically covers only a short portion of the life of a spacecraft. However, this period endures the most significant mechanical loads, including high levels of shock and vibration. Moog CSA Engineering provides multiple solutions for integrating spacecraft to launch vehicles, accommodating one or more payloads with options for launch load alleviation. The ESPA Ring and other payload adapters support multiple satellites of different sizes on EELV, Minotaur IV and other vehicles. SoftRide is a standalone product that also integrates with our adapters. It contains three separate systems that can be tailored for any specific mission: UniFlex primarily isolates in the vehicle axial direction, OmniFlex can isolate in both axial and lateral directions, and ShockRing specifically targets high-frequency shock transmission into the spacecraft.

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ESPA, the EELV Secondary Payload Adapter

The ESPA Ring is designed to allow six 400 pound secondary satellites to launch aboard an Atlas V or Delta IV, along with primary satellites up to 15,000 pounds.

Payload Adapters

Specialty Adapters

We provide specialty adapters with an emphasis on multi-payload adapters for a variety of launch vehicles. SoftRide and ShockRing are offered as optional mating components.



SoftRide is an engineered interface between spacecraft and launch vehicle that reduces vibration and shock transmitted to the spacecraft. It enables satellite and instrument designers to focus on on-orbit performance rather than launch survival.


SoftRide ShockRing

Moog CSA's ShockRing, one version of SoftRide takes the form of a low-profile ring designed to mitigate high frequency vibration and shock.

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