Downhole Drilling and Completion Segment

Moog motion control solutions improve the performance of your downhole drilling tools by increasing your rate of penetration (ROP) and drive the reliability, accuracy and efficiency that you require.

Our solutions are designed to help our customers:

  • Maximize throughput of downhole tools via lower trip-out instances
  • Make a positive impact on rate of penetration


  • Rotary Steering Systems (RSS)
  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) 
  • Tractor Tools
  • Completion Tools
  • Formation Testing Tools
  • HTHP: over 200°C (392°F), 2068 bar (30,000 psi)

Moog Motion Control Solutions

Electric Linear Servo Actuators - Precision actuation with compact packaging, tailored for downhole applications and HTHP environmental conditions. Servo actuators include brushess motors integrated with a ball screw.

Motor Controllers - Single axis digital motor controller provides position control designed for HTHP conditions. Software designed to precisely control speed, position and power to the motor.

Brushless Servo Motors - Custom-designed, permanent magnet brushless servomotors offer high power density, performance, reliability and  long life; HTHP +200°C (392°F), 30,000 psi (4,068.43 bar)

Alternators - Permanent magnet alternators provide reliable electric power with high power density to downhole tools in extreme conditions.

Slip Rings - Downhole tools require a slip ring for transferring power and data in harsh conditions.  A slip ring and resolver can be integrated into one package.

Resolvers - Provide reliable position and velocity feedback signals critical for controlling the servomotors and actuators.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ) - Facilitate optical communications and fiber sensor data in downhole applications.

Fiber Optics : Electro-optical cards - available in robust configurations for both media conversion and multiplexing.

High Performance Brushless DC Motors: Fractional Horsepower - Standard and specialty brushless DC motors for high temperature and extreme environments provide maximum performance.

Fluid Rotary Unions (FRU) - interface for fluid carrying conduit between stationary and rotating equipment.