Electric Linear Servo Actuators for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Offering superior dependability and performance each model is designed to meet customer-specific speed and force requirements.


  • Completion tools 
  • Drilling tools 
  • Tractor tools 
  • MWD and LWD tools 
  • Intelligent wells


  • Optimum design for available physical limits
  • Integrated servomotor gearing and ballscrew for compact design
  • Customized for application specific envelope
  • Packaging and system components designed for application
  • Ball screws or roller screws based on application requirements
  • Gearing as application requires e.g. compound planetary, planetary gear set
Force Range

Capabilities over 45,359 kg (100,000 lb) peak

Speed Range Up to 30 IPS

Over 60 in. (1.52 m)

Motor Voltage From 24 to 1,000 Vdc
Designed for  Over 200°C (392°F), 2068 bar (30,000 psi)