Oilfield - Downhole Slip Rings

Slip ring designs are available for harsh oilfield conditions that are configured for electrical power, signals, or both. These designs can be integrated with other products such as fiber optical rotary joints and fluid rotary unions.


Exploration and production of oil and gas is becoming more difficult. The easy reserves have already been found and new ones are deeper or in more difficult formations. Drilling can now extend to depths of 10 km and can be multi-directional or horizontal. Temperatures and pressures can be up to 260°C and 2000 bar (29,000 psi). As a result, the cost to recover these reserves is very high – making efficiency even more important.

Since 1998, Moog has worked with the major oilfield service companies and equipment manufacturers to solve demanding and unique problems for the difficult downhole environment.

The need to maximize output from new reserves (as well as existing reserves) requires the need for higher performance equipment and better information from the well. To answer the demand, Moog has developed a line of oilfield and downhole equipment and technology that meets the challenge.


Model Rotational Speeds Temperature Pressure Channels Voltage Current Key Dimensions
303 Miniature Bore Up to
600 rpm standard

Contact factory
for other require-ments
200 °C standard 25 kpsi (1,700 bar) Up to 8 250 - 500 VAC standard Up to 2 A
per channel
0.375” (9.50 mm)
hollow bore ID, 
~1.7” (43.20 mm) minimum OD
303 Large Bore Up to
300 rpm standard

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for other require-ments
200 °C standard 25 kpsi (1,700 bar) 8 Up to 100 VAC standard 10 A per channel 3.5” (88.90 mm)
hollow bore ID,
3.83” (97.30 mm) minimum OD
303 High Voltage
20 RPM standard 200 °C standard 25 kpsi Up to 20 Up to 1 kVAC Up to 5 A per channel OD 1.85” (47.00 mm)