Topside Drilling and Production Equipment

Topside Drilling and Production Equipment

System designers’ of oil and gas eqipment need to balance the increased operational efficiency that automation provides with the hazards of developing overly complex systems that are difficult to maintain.  While not every drilling subsystem can benefit from advanced automation, engineers that know how to implement automation successfully can see real, tangible benefits in the form of systems with increased safety, fewer parts and easier commissioning and maintance.  

Moog works with our customers to design and build reliable solutions that eliminate performance problems, timing lags, and component wear from instability, while minimizing system complexity.

Moog engineers combine leading technologies and advanced motion control components to create robust solutions in collaborative development efforts with our customers.  Our proven products are designed and manufactured for long life even in the most extreme environments and have the international certifications needed for use in hazardous environments globally (e.g., ATEX, IECEx, UL/CSA).

We offer a wide range of products in both hydraulic and electric technologies, with special designs that are optimized for high temperature, constant vibration, and heavy use including:

  • Servo and Proportional Valves (e.g. Intrinsically-safe, ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA)
  • Advanced Manifold Systems with onboard electronics
  • Hydraulic Actuators – Linear and Rotary
  • Explosion-proof Brushless Servo Motors, Actuators and Servo Drives
  • Complete Actuator Subsystems and Controls

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Subsea Products and Solutions

  • Top Drive Accessory Systems
  • Drilling Floor Rotary Table
  • Drawworks Disc Braking Controls
  • Automated Pressure Management (MPD) - Valve Operators
  • Dynamic Positioning Systems (Moon Pools and Compensators)
  • Winches and Mooring Systems
  • Well Intervention Equipment (Mobile Rigs and Coil Tubing Injectors)

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