Performance: Long-lasting performance and reliability with integrated design and part count

Precision: Better precision motion control and low inertia motors for higher acceleration

Efficiency: Reduces maintenance and operating costs, and eliminates the potential of oil leaks

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MG/MA Series - Forces up to 170 kN

Low noise and low operational cost actuators, with longer lifetimes compared to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

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Flexible Electric Linear Servo Actuators - Forces up to 115.6 kN

Actuators with inline and foldback design and internal anti-rotation, with a variety of motor windings for optimal performance.

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Servoactuation Packages

  • Combining a linear electric servoactuator, servodrive and integrated software
  • Designed to meet maximum machine performance
  • Engineered in advance, each component is optimized to work together
  • Choice of Standard or Flexible Servoactuators
  • Make a smooth transition from hydraulic to electric
  • Intuitive commissioning software helps reduce system setup time

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Custom Solutions

Meeting your special performance characteristics:

  • Servomotor modifications
  • Optimized packaging to reduce envelope size
  • Special performance requirements such as longer life, high duty cycle and more
  • Special operating characteristics such as extremely smoothness, low acoustic noise etc.

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Legacy Products

Legacy products refer to Moog's end-of-life offerings that are not to be used for new projects.

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