Propulsion Controls

Propulsion Control Products

Moog is a premier solutions provider for propulsion controls for spacecraft fluids, launch vehicles, and tactical missiles. We provide the largest product offering of flight-proven products to complete all of your mission needs.

Market Offerings

Launch Vehicles

Moog has large diameter cryogenic ball valves for all sized of rocket engines, supporting all stages of a launch vehicle.  Moog cold gas thrusters, in both single and triad arrangements control the roll of a launch vehicle in its final stage of ascent.  Moog's propulsion control valves will soon help power NASA's Ares and Orion vehicles. 


Moog has the most complete propulsion control hardware offerings of any company.  Moog's fill and drain valves, isolation valves, regulators, and thruster valves are qualified for chemical, electric, green, and cold gas propulsion systems and rocket engines. Moog also has the capability to build complete propulsion systems using its hardware as the building blocks. 

Tactical Missiles

Moog is at the forefront of divert and attitude control systems and products.  Moog has decades of experience designing systems for warm and cold gas as well as chemical propulsion systems.  Moog is currently supplying precision propulsion controls for MKV and EKV. 

Moog welcomes Bradford Engineering to their portfolio of Space products.

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