Controllers, Controls & Software

Aircraft Controllers and Software

We have extensive experience designing, qualifying and certifying fully integrated flight critical systems with Level A hardware and software.

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Defense Controllers and Software

Moog designs and manufactures state-of-the-art Multi-Axis Controllers, Digital Servomotor Controllers and Guidance & Navigation Controllers for the defense industry.

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Industrial Servocontrollers and Software

High performance Motion Controllers and Software for electric and hydraulic servo actuation applications that offer rapid implementation and set-up to save time and money in a wide range of critical industrial applications. Also includes Machine Controllers and specialized Blow Molding Controllers that meet the unique needs of both new machinery and upgrades for the blow molding industry.

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Launch Vehicle Controllers

Moog designs and manufacturers space reliable actuation, motor and valve controllers for launch vehicles, satellites, and exploration vehicles. Moog engineering has decades of experience designing the control boxes, electronics and control software to survive the harsh space environments.

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Spacecraft Controllers

Moog designs and manufactures Motor/Actuator Driver electronics for a variety of applications including controlling Moog actuators and motors. These space-rated and flight heritage controllers can be delivered as standalone units or integrated as part of a Moog Integrated Avionics Unit (IAU) solution.

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Test Controllers and Software

From our Test Controllers to the Integrated Test Suite to Test Software Modules, our approach is to build interchangeability of hardware, software and accessories into our subsystems for automotiveand aerospace test applications.  This ensures maximum flexibility and ease of use as well as the ability to pass innovations learned across applications to our other customers.

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Ground-Based Expeditionary Radar Platform Video