Ball Screws and Planetary Roller Screws



Moog has over 30 years experience in producing and designing customized
high precision ball and planetary roller screws (ISO 3408 accuracy for classes 3-5-7) that are suitable for a variety of markets and challenging motion control applications.

Among the main features: 

  • Various screw diameter-pitch combinations available (screw load capacity and dynamic performance)
  • Wide selection of screw end shafts (bearing housings, metric threads,
    socket heads, wrenches, bored heads, etc.)
  • Nut customization (shape, flange, coupling, number of circuits, special
    machining processes)
  • Various lubrication options (selection of the right lubricant for the application, positioning of the lubrication holes)
  • Selection of materials and special processing (standard and special
    materials, surface treatments appropriate for the type of application)
  • Extremely quiet operation for low disturbance and low noise applications
  • Compact design thanks to the Moog recirculating system design that allows a better balance of the nut
  • Robust design suited for heavy duty applications, vibrations and harsh

Benefits and features of Moog ball screws 

  • ISO3408 classes 1-3-5-7
  • Diameter from 12 mm [0.47 in] to 125 mm [4.92 in]
  • Pitch from 1.5 mm [0.06 in] to 50 mm [1.97 in]Length up to 6200 mm [244 in]
  • Load capacity:
    • Dynamic load up to 1300kN
    • Static Load up to 2500kN
  • Acceleration 10-15m/sec2
  • Single or multi-start

Benefits and features of Moog planetary roller screws

  • ISO3408 classes 1-3
  • Diameter from 15 mm [0.6 in] to 87 mm [3.42 in]
  • Pitch from 2 mm [0.08 in] to 40 mm [1.57 in]
  • Length up to 4000 mm [157.5 in]
  • Load capacity:
    • Dynamic load up to 1000kN
    • Static Load up to 2000kN
  • Acceleration up to 40m/sec2
  • Number of starts: 5-6

What is a ball screw?

A ball screw is a rolling system consisting of a threaded shaft (screw) and a nut that, internally threaded as well, contains a determined number of balls. 

The return of the balls that run in the nut during the rolling is permitted by one or more mechanical elements called liners.

A ball screw is similar to a ball bearing, with the balls travelling in one or more threads
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