Solutions for the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Service Industry

Improve the performance of your downhole drilling, topside, and subsea equipment with Moog high performance motion control solutions for oil and gas applications.

We collaborate with you to create the best solution for your unique application delivering a complete solution that incorporates our high-performance components such as Electric Linear Servo ActuatorsBrushless Servo MotorsAlternatorsElectronic Motor ControllersExplosion-Proof Servo Valves and other products designed to meet your needs.


Downhole Drilling and Completion Segment

Improving tool reliability is critical for accelerating drilling and completion operations. Our motion control solutions improve the reliability of tools enabling:

  • Increased drilling depths in off-shore and other hostile environments
  • Enhanced recovery from brown fields
  • Extended drilling time between trips

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Surface/Topside Exploration and Production Segment

Automation of surface operations is paramount to enhancing productivity and worker safety. Our deep expertise in motion control solutions enables automation of a variety of rig equipment while providing the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity leading to better ROI
  • Higher precision leading to improvement in drilling efficiency

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Subsea Segment – Reliable Precision Actuation Solutions for Processing and Production

Moog has designed & tested electric actuation solutions for several subsea processing and production applications. Key features of Moog solutions include:

  • Redundant systems for fail-safe operations
  • Long Design Life
  • Repeatable performance over millions of cycles
  • Our solutions provide the following benefits:
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher precision for modulating controls

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