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Increase repeatability and accuracy in your topside operations.

Topside Operations use high performance hydraulic and electric products for automating and simplifying your system while:

  • Improving safety
  • Boosting productivity
  • Increasing repeatability

Applications We Work On:

  • Well Drilling
  • Mobile Rig Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Topside Solutions

Topside Solutions:

See how precision motion control gives machine builders the edge when designing for hostile operating environments.

Topside Products

Pre-engineered Downhole Brushless Servo Motors

These rugged products for your downhole tools can reduce your development time, increase speed to market, lower lifecycle cost  and increase rig utilization

Explosion-proof Digital Control Valves

Enable intelligent pressure and flow control in one valve providing safety and certified reliability for your equipment

Brushless Servo Motors

Topside: Custom-designed, permanent magnet brushless servomotors offer high power density, performance, reliability and long life

Digital Control Servo Valves and Axis Control Valves

Topside: Intelligent Servo and Proportional Valves with analog or fieldbus interfaces designed to optimize machine functionality

Electric Actuators

Topside: Precision actuation with compact packaging, tailored for downhole applications and HTHP environmental conditions

Hydraulic Actuators

Topside: Hydraulic rack and pinion rotary actuators provide high performance and long lasting automation

Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Systems

Topside: Fully self-contained systems comprised of hydraulic manifolds, cartridge valves and servocartridge valves

Slip Ring Model 180-X

Topside: Compact and rugged, explosion-proof design