Articles - 2011

India Goes Upscale on Auto R&D

29 November 2011

Using Moog solutions, NATRiP will offer state-of-the-art auto research-and-development, testing, and validation for automotive design and development in India.
As seen on the Design News website in November 2011.


Moog Motion Bases Make FAAC Military Driving Simulators Feel Real for Operators

28 November 2011

Moog is supplying and supporting the high-performance electric motion systems that underpin FAAC Incorporated’s latest-generation driver simulators.
As featured on the Design World website in November 2011.


Brushless Motor Protects Wind Turbines

1 November 2011

A view into motion control solutions thriving in harsh evrionments; specifically the Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Motor.
As seen in the November 2011 issue of Motion System Design.


Pitch System for 3-MW Wind Turbine

26 October 2011

Guodian United Power Technology Co. Ltd. (GUP) has successfully completed the grid connection for its first 3MW wind turbine, which uses Moog’s AC servo motion-controlled pitch system.
 Featured in the October 2011 issue of Windpower Engineering and Design.


Wind Center to Offer Advanced Maintenance and Engineering Training

24 October 2011

A motion control company and developer of pitch systems for wind turbines, has opened a Wind Training Center in Unna, Germany.
 Featured in the October 2011 issue of Windpower Engineering and Design.


Pitching Against the Wind

11 August 2011

There is a specific pitch angle for any given wind speed to optimize output power. Pitch angles greater or less than this value reduce power output, even to the point of zero rotation with high winds.
As seen in the August 2011 issue of Machine Design.


An American Pitch System in a Chinese Turbine

4 August 2011

U.S. manufacturer Moog has supplied an AC servo motion-controlled pitch system for a 3-MW wind turbine in China.
 Featured on the Windpower Engineering & Development website in August 2011.


Detecting Ice on Wind Turbine Blades

21 July 2011


Nick Harper, applications manager of blade sensing systems at Moog, discusses the importance of combatting formation of ice on turbine blades.
 Featured in the July 2012 edition of Windpower Engineering & Development.


New Wind Turbine Pitch System from Moog

1 July 2011

Moog unveils new electric pitch system that offers wind turbine operators higher performance, reliability, additional safety, and lower maintenance costs.

As seen in the July 2012 Issue of Wind Systems Magazine.


Roadway Barriers Go Electric

1 June 2011

DC servo motor and ball screw replace hydraulics in barrier applications.

As seen in the June, 2011 Issue of Design News Magazine

Roadway Barriers Go Electric (pdf)


High Frequency Hexapod Testing

1 May 2011

Hydraulic hexapod simulation table expands frequency range up to 100 Hz, increasing the speed, range and flexibility of automotive component testing.

As seen in the May, 2011 Issue of Design News Magazine

High Frequency Hexapod Testing (pdf)


Designing for Wind Turbine Reliability

1 May 2011

Advancements in motion control are pivotal to delivering greater system reliability and serviceability as wind turbines grow larger and move offshore.

As appeared in the May, 2011 Issue of Design News Magazine

Designing for Wind Turbine Reliability (pdf)


Urbanisation, Climate Change to Drive Growth

19 April 2011

Prasad Padman, Regional Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific at Moog, explains how climate change will drive growth and urbanisation in the future.  His article for Business Times explains how infrastructure spend will increase, as will demand for commodities and clean systems.

As seen in the April 19, 2011 Issue of Business Times Newspaper

Urbanisation, Climate Change to Drive Growth Article (pdf)


Moog Develops New Motion Base

1 April 2011

The new electric motion base 6DOF payload platform features sealed actuators and six brushless motors.  The motion platform includes hardware improvements and a new Windows-based software to increase fidelity and create a more realistic simulation.

As appeared in the Vol. 13 Issue 1, 2011 Military Training & Simulation News Magazine

Moog Develops New Motion Base Article (pdf)



15 March 2011

A dynamic driving simulator, based on the latest high-dynamic motion system, a twelve long linear rail, and Daimler's systems integration, heightens assessment reality.

As appeared in the March, 2011 issue of Power in Motion. 

Dynamic motion system brings driving simulator to live [PDF]



Electrohydrostatic Actuation Modernizes Fluid Power

1 January 2011


Hydraulic technology requires no hydraulic piping, boosting both reliability and environmental friendliness.

As appeared in the January, 2010 issue of Motion System Design Magazine

Electrohydrostatic Actuation Modernizes Fluid Power Article (pdf)


New Variable Speed Pump Design Reduces Energy Use

1 October 2010

Moog's integration of an electric motor and drive in a fixed displacement pump system provides lower total cost of ownership.

As appeared in the October, 2010 issue of Design News Magazine

New Variable Speed Pump Design Reduces Energy Use Article (pdf)