Moog’s New Electric Actuator Solution Efficiently Replaces Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

MURPHY, N.C. – December 4, 2023 Moog has launched its new electric linear actuator solution comprised of a new, low-maintenance MG Series servo actuator, DX2020 servo drive, and pre-engineered cabling to give customers an alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic actuation.

Quick replacement of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

The form factor of the new MG Series actuators is based on conventional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. By coupling the new MG Series actuators with the SERVOsoft® Moog sizing tool, a machine builder can easily retrofit existing systems with optimally sized solutions, based on the right MG actuator together with the DX2020 servo drive and its energy management components. Given the range of stroke lengths, up to 550 mm (21.65 in), customers can find the right fit for almost any application.

The enhanced capability allowed by an electro-mechanical control makes it easy to perform feats that would be challenging for hydraulic solutions or unachievable with pneumatic ones.

Another benefit of Moog’s new electromechanical actuation, or EMA, solution is the potential for saving costs. When comparing the efficiency-to-cost ratio of the EMA solution to the typical hydraulic and pneumatic systems, EMA saves 25 percent and 50 percent respectively. 

MG Series Electric Servo-Actuator
Electric linear actuator solution comprised of MG Series servo actuator, DX2020 servo drive, and pre-engineered cabling

With same dimensions, more than twice the force of prior Moog designs

At the core of the Moog electric actuator solution is the newly developed MG Series of servo actuators, which deliver smooth, accurate movement and long operational life even with high payloads and peak forces up to 170 kN (38,217.52 lbf). The actuators require little upkeep compared to hydraulics, while being more environmentally friendly and stable, and eliminating the downside of pressurized oil lines.

Because they are coupled with position-controlled Moog servo drives, customers gain greater precision in linear positioning and can program the MG Series with specific movement profiles to perfectly fit any application (e.g., reducing mechanical stress, speeding up the work cycle, reducing noise, etc.).

The actuator design includes optional internal screw support, an alternative that helps reduce the negative impact of small misalignments on the life of the screw. And in some mounting positions, for example, when mounted with rod eyes on both sides or with side ears, the new design mitigates the effect of gravity on the actuator.


DX2020 and associated cabling

Also contributing to the excellent performance of the Moog electric actuators solution is the DX2020 family of servo drives. With its single-, multi- and remote-axis options (and combinations thereof) the DX2020 can control the EMA at high speed and with highly accurate movement. Along with excellent control performance, the wide variety of current sizes up to 198Arms and a high overload factor, the DX2020 Series offers multiple fieldbus interfaces like CAN, EtherCat PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

The Moog electric actuator solution is rounded out by the availability of pre-engineered sets of cables in different lengths, which support quick and easy installation on each machine.

Close customer collaboration with direct access to global Moog experts

“We focus on delivering the best performance for each application by closely collaborating with our customers every step of the way,” says Erik Stephan, Moog specialist for EMA. “The new MG Series based solutions will enable considerably more electrical solutions benefitting our customers and contribute to a more energy-efficient and sustainable future.”

To learn more about options and customization capabilities, Moog advises engineers to contact their nearest Moog sales and application team.

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