Platforms for Space, Air, and Land Domains

Moog now offers platforms to meet your demanding mission requirements. We design and produce space vehicles for nearly any flight profile or mission type. Our autonomous, hybrid electric HE350 flight vehicle offers reconfigurability that brings game-changing capabilities to the defense, civilian, and humanitarian relief markets. RIwP is our flexible, scalable remote turret that provides tailored overmatch and improved survivability across the full spectrum of conflict.  Moog is partnering with construction primes to offer fully electric construction vehicles.

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Featured Platforms

Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP®)


RIwP is a proven, modular, and scalable remote turret providing unmatched capacity to host multi-domain payloads for current and future ground-combat platforms. This remote weapon platform offers air defense, anti-armor, or multi-mission capabilities via world-class precision medium-caliber and indirect fires.

Meteorite Space Vehicle

Space Vehicles


Moog Space Vehicles are designed to launch on VCLV and NSSL-class launch vehicles (Atlas V, Vulcan, Falcon 9) while supporting up to 1,500 kg of secondary payloads with a variety of standard separation systems. They can be used to disperse small satellite constellations, act as a Hosted Payload platform, or deliver a single spacecraft to its ideal orbit.


Moog and Komatsu to Demonstrate Fully Electric wheel Loader

Moog’s intelligent machine electrification system includes an electric traction motor, lift, tilt and steering electric cylinders, power electronics, system control computer, battery, and battery management system. The integrated software acts as the system’s brain to connect and intelligently coordinate actions across the machine while the all-electric actuators and motors provide the muscle. The integrated nature of the system enables industry leading system efficiency and controllability.

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Investing in Innovation

Innovation is how Moog has grown as a company. Now, we are focusing on innovation more than ever. We have been investing in future technologies that we believe will have a great impact in industries from Space, Defense, Aircraft, Industrial, Medical, and more. We're leveraging new technologies with our amazing employees to come up with groundbreaking ideas.

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