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Fiber Optic Multiplexing

Moog multiplexers are designed to provide reliable fiber optic transmission of video and data signals in the demanding subsea applications, robust defense systems and other platforms operating in a harsh environments.

Moog designs and manufactures fiber optic products to support a wide range of customer's needs.

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The Focal™ multiplexer product line offers a range of multiplexers and media converters. These products have direct application in the marine industry where our expertise began over 25 years ago. Today, these innovative fiber optic products are providing solutions to:

  • ROV
  • Subsea Control Communications
  • Industrial Automation
  • Wind Energy
  • Defense


The Prizm™ multiplexer product line offers a range of multiplexer and media converters. These products have long been recognized for their leading-edge performance in marine applications, and we continue to support the needs of our marine customers with these products. Today, these products are used as building blocks to expand Moog’s functionality to meet the customer's critical needs of:

  • ROV
  • Communications for Mobile Satellite and Radar
  • Aerospace
  • Defense

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