Rotary Unions


Moog's rotary unions are used around the world to ensure the reliable transmission of media such as oil, water, grease emulsion, air, compressed air, gases and vacuum, from the stationary to the rotating part of a machine. Currently, Moog offers rotary unions rated for pressures up to 15,000 PSI (1,000 bar), speeds up to 40,000 rpm and vacuums up to 10-8 hPa (depending on size, number of channels, and flow rate). Seals are selected based on transmitted media, chemical compatibility, design pressure, rotational speed, design temperature, required service life ad acceptable leakage rate. Rotary unions can be combined with our electrical slip rings and fiber optic rotary joints.


  • High plant availability due to product durability
  • Increased production rates through innovative, advanced technology
  • Supports different media types without exchaning components
  • Combined systems: hydraulic, pneumatic and electric

Moog Rotary Union Sub-Brands

Moog's collection of rotary union sub-brands features a robust portfolio of solutions and capabilities designed to meet even the most demanding application requirements across various industries. With a wide range of standard and customizable products, you can trustMoog for reliable data and media transferral, when performance really matters most. Learn more about the sub-brands behind Moog's portfolio of rotary solutions, below.